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Welcome To Especially For Him a division of Especially For Him & Her Corporation.

With Especially For Him, you can rest assured that you are getting unbelievable value and prices, as if you were purchasing direct from the manufacture, at wholesale prices or less!

Especially For Him has satisfied customers from around the world. Our customers range from a host of countries such as Canada, U.S.A., Australia, United Kingdom, France, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and many more.

Especially For Him has exclusive arrangements with several large Asian and North American manufactures, whereas all of their excess inventory, such as production overruns, credit holds, order cancellations, samples, etc. are marketed through us. The manufactures that sell through us typically are either manufacturing their individual brand products, and or are manufacturing for other well know national brands or retailers in the USA, Europe and Canadian market places. By agreements with our suppliers, we will not advertise the products brand names, unless they have granted us permission to do so. In some cases, the original brands tags and or labels, maybe removed or whitened out or modified to a nondescript name. When we note that the product is NWT, it means that while it may have an actual tag, if it does not, it has an appropriate inside label. All of our merchandise is brand new and are authentic originals, coming straight to us from the actual importer or manufacture.

Especially For Him exclusive arrangements with its manufactures and the outstanding prices that we purchase the products for, allow you, the prospective consumer, to avail yourself of these special arrangements and purchase the items at UNBELIEVABLE BARGAIN PRICES, which are at wholesale prices or less.

Your Savings will generally range in the 50% to 80% range, off the suggested retail price!